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The Ultimate Up-Sell?

As subscribers to our free marketing newsletter, LEDGER, may know, I have recently become something of a 'fan' of Accpac's CFO and KPI programs.

Having seen them in action, I cannot come up with a good reason why any forward-thinking practice should not have these highly impressive tools.

Use them wisely and your clients will love you to death, and pay you handsomely for working with them in new, exciting and highly enjoyable ways.

Just imagine...

It's the end of an interview with a client, going through their year-end financial statements. You've made a few journal entries and tied up a few lose ends. In a typical scenario one might briefly tax about the client's tax position, a few planning points, talk about their will and life insurance/pension needs and then you're done.

Not very exciting is it?

What if there was a better way to end the meeting that, in many cases will lead to more work for you, huge benefits to the client and a much stronger relationship forged for the years ahead - all at premium rates for you?

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it isn't and Accpac's CFO/KPI combo of software is the way to go.

This helps you identify many key perfoamnce issues at the client's business where they might look to improve their results. You could, for example, conduct some sensitivity analysis to determine what effect a price increase of, say, 2% might have on the bottom line. Or you might look at a funds-flow statement and really explain to the client where their profit has gone - and get them excited when they suddenly 'get it'.

The opportunities for a business health test are enourmous and that's only the beginning.

In a future issue of LEDGER I will be personally giving a 'test-drive' report on this suite of programs and I'll tell you how I got on.

This is a great way to provide what clients REALLY want - added value for their fees - by really starting to help them build a better business.

Findout more at: http://www.accpac.com/professional/default.asp

Or, to see an explanatory video presentation, click here: http://www.icvdigitalmedia.com/clients/accpac/onlinepresentations/cfo/accountvideo.htm

Towards Awesome Client Service - Module Two. The Success Story Continues...

After the success of Module One, we look forward to continuing the journey towards awesome client service with our subscribers, old and new, with the launch of Module two. It's packed full with new ideas and approaches to develop closer working relationships with your clients, and a better yield on your investment in your staff and yourself. The price is held at the introductory rate of $249.95 per module (US funds) so join us now, and if you haven't yet signed up for Module One, you can still do so at the introductory rate.

Module Three is released in June this year, more details will come in next months free tips page.

Find out more at: www.awesomeclientservice.com/details.htm

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